Jem Ann Payne, Founder of The Twine Junction


Twine was birthed late in the night, over a glass of red and an insightful conversation with my gal pals. The epiphany was almost as exciting as a proposal (almost)! As we were chatting about all the weddings we had attended and helped out at over the year, it girl slapped me in the face....weddings are hard! And planning them can be super challenging, tiring and confronting. It takes a multi-tasking brain power, that really, none of us have time for, am I right ladies? 

What do you know about weddings Jem?! I have played all the key roles - dutiful and damage control bridesmaid (think '27 dresses'), I've sung a few ballads, I've collected jars and candles and sorted bonbonniere, I've given speeches and choreographed wedding dances and over the past year have helped plan and coordinated over 20 weddings. Not to toot my own horn but it’s reasonable to say that I've gotten to know ‘weddings’ in my time here on earth.

I am an experienced business owner and experienced in event management. I have owned my own dance studio for the past seven years, a business which I built from scratch due to my passion for dance and exhibiting the beauty of movement through my annual shows. The same passion drives me now to cascade down the aisle to twine. I love what Twine has become and can’t wait to see it continue to blossom.

I've recently been featured on 'Lady Boss Blog' if you'd like to hear a little bit more about me and my story! Otherwise check out the insta @thetwinejunction