The Moments

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As a fresh new season of weddings commence, I’ve decided to shoot ‘For The Blog Of Twine’ into the atmosphere, writing about all things weddings and interviewing local legends about their unique experiences in the wedding industry. As a wedding planner & coordinator, I’m steering through an industry that has many asteroids that can and should be avoided. Hence the beginning of this blog! A light and cheeky insight into the world of weddings to help out my fellow bride and/or local business partners. 

Honestly Jem, a blog?! For real?! Heck Yeah! Lets roll with it and see what goodness might flow from these new waters bitches! (Pre-warning, a few little swear words & grammatical errors may sneak in over the duration of this blog so as to correctly display my passion for all things weddings, I’ll aim to keep it tame though). 

Three AWW moments

Most awkward moment I’ve had with a bride?

I asked her what her fiancés name was and I could’ve sworn she said ‘Anus’. So I double checked. That wasn’t his name. I should’ve known.

Most awful moment I’ve had at a wedding?

Music had to be turned of by 11pm sharp. I got booooooed intensely when I had to remove the aux cord. It haunts me to this day.

Most awesome moment I’ve had at a wedding?

One single beam of hot sunlight was shining on this super cute groomsmen’s bald head as he was up the front of the ceremony. He was sweating a lot. Now he’s my best friend and lifelong love. Awwwwwww.

Three BLESS Moments

The bride’s reaction to being told they’re breathtakingly beautiful. So many people can’t accept a compliment or being admired. It’s a sad reality. But something special I’ve found about a bride’s wedding day, is they FEEL beautiful and can easily say ‘thank you’ when someone compliments them. I’d love to see more humans love themselves like that!

When the loudest & overly friendly guest finds YOU and chews your ear off about their life and how they are totally happy being single right now. There is always one.

The couple who are adamant that they don’t want to throw the bouquet or take the garter off. Interestingly by 11pm some bloke is walking around with a garter around his head and girl is crying over in the corner because some chick accidentally punched her in the face when she dove for the bouquet. Bless. 

The BEST Moment

For many couples, they wouldn’t change a single thing about their day, the good and the bad moments. Even if the heavens opened up and rained on their parade, they wouldn’t wipe a single bit of smudged mascara from their beautiful wife’s face. It’s all too special to change and the memories last a lifetime in your hearts. Treasure the moments, people.  

Written By Jem Payne

Edited By Carole Hansen