Our Bundle Of Joy

Twine's Ultimate Planner

A physical wedding planner which covers EVERYTHING you need to organise for your wedding. It’s detailed, pretty and full of helpful information!

How is this planner different from the others?

  • Creative Outlet - I believe that every little decision you make is an exciting step forward for you and your partner. From the big details such as the dress, to the accessories which you may consider to complement your look. It's all in here! There’s room to be creative and scribble all the ideas that pop into your head.

  • Get's that brain ticking in time - Our planner reminds you of the things that you need to organise. Yes, you know to organise the caterer, but do you have bins around the property? Yes, you know to organise a florist, but do you know what flowers will be in season at the time of your wedding? All of these types of questions and MORE are laid out in the planner.

  • Asks the questions you forget to ask - Brides find that as they are enquiring to a billion different places in a day, they forget to ask significant/important questions. There is a WHOLE section of the planner dedicated to this exact issue. I've thought of all the questions for you! All you need to do is call up and ask away with no worrying about if you've missed something. It's a breeze!

  • Scheduling document - Would it be an effective planner without proper scheduling documents?? It has time sheets, MC schedules, ceremony & reception schedules, seating arrangements, setup and pack up schedules, guest lists and more!

Twine's Directory

Information and details of all the wonderful businesses we LOVE and think you will too! 

The directory is filled with exclusively selected businesses based around the Central Coast which will provide you with quality products and services for your big day. The beauty of having this directory is that all the research has been done for you! You could spend hours and hours googling businesses that you are unsure of, or you can simply look at the directory and have all the information laid out in front of you. It makes planning your wedding MUCH easier and MUCH less stressful! In addition to all of this, you support local businesses. 

Vision Session

This meeting is KEY to helping brides and grooms cruise into wedding planning, rather than being hit like a storm…

  • An opportunity to express their vision and hopes for their wedding day.

  • Discussion of the general flow of the wedding, the style, the vibes and atmosphere they want to create.

  • I share how we can help and what I am able to do to eliminate stress for them. In this I discuss things that are concerning them about the day and how they can manage those concerns.

  • I create a plan and set some goals for the bride and groom.

Nitty Gritty Session

This is a wonderful meeting to look forward to! The following things will be achieved through this session...

  • We together pull all the NITTY GRITTY details of the wedding together.

  • A detailed schedule will be created and sent to you (which can then be sent to your vendors and wedding party).

  • You get CLEAR direction of what needs to be done next and you can see the end of the tunnel as you plan the last few things on your list!

Treat Yourself

Included in our package are two massages. One for the bride and one for the groom! After planning a wedding they deserve to be treated! We’ve partnered with ‘About Face & Body’ to offer our couples this lovely gift to help them unwind and relax before their big day.